Distributed Databases

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Distributed Databases

The AXEL Network Blockchain is one of the fastest growing blockchain networks in the world!

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Digital Content Management for the 2020s – Fast, Global, Secure

AXEL is a digital content management company. We specialize in file storage, sharing, privacy, security and distribution. AXEL is creating a powerful decentralized global network that enables users to enjoy all the benefits of blockchain, IPFS storage and hosting, and distributed database solutions.

Adding a distributed database solution to our rapidly growing decentralized IPFS solution enables AXEL to deliver powerful tools and web hosting services to virtually anywhere in the world. Unlike centralized solutions, the AXEL.Network serves users by the closest node to their geographic location. This ensures faster access times, lower latency, less likelihood of bandwidth issues and an overall expanded availability of services. Decentralization means that if something happens to one of the network nodes, it doesn’t affect the others. Traffic is simply routed to the surrounding nodes and the network carries on business as usual.

AXEL Masternodes form a Green, Eco-Friendly, Blockchain Network!
Fast. Resiliant. Global.
AXEL Masternodes form a Green, Eco-Friendly, Blockchain Network!
Your easy option for a global footprint.

The AXEL.Network content distribution network provides powerful tools that not only enable users to store, share and manage their data, but to do so on a global network that provides virtually anywhere availability and powerful blockchain tools to ensure secure transactions and immutable transaction recording.

We are building a global content distribution network that is completely decentralized and powered by Masternodes. The AXEL.Newtork is built to deliver powerful products and services to your team, regardless of where they reside.

What Distributed Databases are and What They Deliver

A distributed database is a database that is hosted by a decentralized network of nodes as opposed to being hosted by a single, centralized entity. Centralization has long been the default method of providing services, but they come with a number of potential risks. Centralized systems are highly dependent on connectivity for access, whereas decentralized systems provide multiple access points as well as redundancy to ensure availability of the database service.

Bandwidth is another consideration relating to centralized services as they can become unreliable and difficult to access in situations where excessive amounts of traffic and high usage can create bottlenecks. If a centralized server experiences an outage, the entire service may go down, preventing users from accessing their data, or worse, can cause users to lose their data. With a distributed database solution, the entire network of nodes is sharing the database information and activity, ensuring a level of redundancy and availability that is not typically available through centralized systems.

Another key consideration about decentralized database lies in the geography of the network itself. A global network, such as the AXEL.Network provides access to the distributed database service in countries, cities, states and territories across the globe. A centralized service will serve their client needs from a single network or single access point.

Decentralization, by design, offers significant advantages over centralized systems. Advantages like anywhere availability, constant up-time and redundancy give decentralized systems a big advantage over their centralized counterparts.

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