Meet the Team

AXEL is a team of passionate technologists and business innovators with a proven track record and driven to deliver the future of data custody

Meet The Team

Tony Tan
Tony TanCEO & Chairman
A visionary and philanthropist with a long string of entrepreneurial successes, Tony founded and ran ZCorum,, and ISP Alliance. He built one of the first wholesale Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in the United States, and has a track record of rapidly transforming tiny startups into large, multi-million dollar businesses. Tony held global management positions at First Chicago Bank (now JP Morgan Chase), Securities Counsel, and the YMCA. He’s also an avid investor and his investments in cryptocurrency predates the Bitcoin boom by many years. Tony recognized that blockchain will be the next paradigm shift in technology long before many of his contemporaries. Tony carries an MBA in Finance and Marketing from the University of Chicago, an MA in Economics with honors from Western Michigan University, and a CFP certification.
Ben Ow
Ben OwCTO & President
Ben has a strong history of leading the creation of stunning, industry-shaking technologies. He started and cultivated a one-man operation into a powerhouse computing company that represented brands like Panasonic, Fujitsu, and Acer. He’s co-founded several successful businesses, held executive leadership positions in more, and is the mastermind behind ViaCube, the winner of CES’s 2006 Best Of Innovation Award. He is named on multiple blockchain-specific pending patents. He also completed all course work for the PHD program in Artificial Intelligence at Northwestern University.
Daniel Lindsay
Daniel LindsayChief Financial Officer
Daniel is a veteran in the financial industry with experience in consumer lending, retail banking, treasury services, and ultra-high net worth wealth management. He graduated with a degree in Finance from Michigan State University and then went on to manage a financial institution in Las Vegas while concurrently earning his MBA from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. Immediately following graduate school, Dan worked for a large regional bank providing financial consulting services before pursuing a law degree from Western Michigan University where he not only completed his JD, but also an LLM in taxation. After law school, Daniel was instrumental in the formation of a successful Registered Investment Advisor firm where he played a key role for several years. Daniel holds multiple FINRA licenses and a CFP designation.
Dr. Yoohwan Kim
Dr. Yoohwan KimChief Information Officer
Dr. Kim received his Ph.D. degree from Case Western Reserve University in 2003 in the area of network security (DDoS attack mitigation). His research expertise includes secure network design, unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) communications, and cyber-physical system (CPS) security. He has published over 90 papers in peer-reviewed journals and conferences, and has six patents granted or pending. His research has been sponsored by Microsoft Research, the US Air Force, the Naval Air Warfare Center, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, National Security Technologies, and the National Science Foundation. His research on DDoS attacks has established a foundation for Rate-Based Intrusion Prevention Systems. Dr. Kim also serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Nevada Las Vegas. He established the first higher-education course curriculum on blockchain at UNLV and is active in the blockchain initiative in the State of Nevada.
Dave Kaplan
Dave KaplanVP, General Counsel
A proven attorney who focuses on the intersection of business, technology, and law. Dave has played a leading role in high-stakes litigation in a broad array of forums, including in many patent matters. He has represented clients such as Volkswagen, Sony, Lenovo, Olympus, Toyota, and GE Healthcare, but also has successfully represented clients against adversaries with much deeper pockets. Dave carries a B.S.E. from the University of Michigan College of Engineering and a law degree from Rutgers University.
Julianne Compann
Julianne CompannChief Strategist, Global Marketing and New Business
Julianne is an outstanding entrepreneur, technology marketing innovator and global-partnership strategist who has a history of winning in this radical new world. She leads early start-up ventures who own “change the game” technologies across the chasm from unknown to fiscal success. Her specialty is branding, positioning and clever partnering, thus growing the base from early technology adopters to world-wide sales success. Among some of Julianne’s accolade are Top 40 Technology Company Award, Fast Tech 50 Award for annual revenue five years in a row, Product of the Year Award and five Business of Excellence Awards. Additionally, Julianne has received five GLOBE Awards from the state’s Department of Economic Development for creating and implementing successful global partnerships across five continents and two prestigious Diamond Awards from Broadband Technology Report for her patented cloud-based broadband diagnostics products.
Rick Stiles
Rick StilesSenior VP, Products and IP
A communications technology veteran with decades of experience, Rick has spearheaded the development of many innovative communications technologies, some of which are commonly used today. He’s served as Vice-President of major telecom companies like HyperEdge and NA Communications, and led product development at others. Rick is named in several significant U.S. patents including three current blockchain-specific pending patents.
Roberta Tsang
Roberta TsangChief Communications Officer
A seasoned generalist with a plethora of experience in public relations and marketing communications, Roberta has extensive knowledge on corporate identity, consumer and lifestyle brands, B2B and B2C marketing, fintech, cryptocurrency, as well as blockchain technology. Starting out in a corporate environment, she transitioned to a boutique agency where her creative yet strategic results-driven approach gained her much success in managing some high-profile clients including, Showtime Networks, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences and many more. In 2005, Roberta launched her own consulting firm, RTPR, where she built an impressive clientele across North America, Europe, and Asia. For over a decade, she provided strategic counsel and PR support for brands including the Toyota Mobility Foundation, Suite 420 Solutions, Monster Products, Chargebee, Altimetrik, Gibraltar Business Capital and LinkedIn. Roberta has a B.A. in Communications from New York University.
Robert Loftus
Robert LoftusVP, Business and Legal Affairs
Robert holds an MBA and a law degree from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He started his career in the financial industry and had multiple FINRA securities licenses. Prior to joining AXEL, Robert served as counsel to some of the Nevada’s largest organizations. He was also the Registration and Licensing Examiner for the Nevada Secretary State’s Securities Division and is currently a judge advocate in the United States Army Reserve. At AXEL, Robert manages legal matters including corporate governance, intellectual property, securities and privacy compliance, and is actively involved in the marketing and business development initiatives of AXEL.
Avi Mahbubani
Avi MahbubaniVP, Business Development
A seasoned technology executive, Avi has a vast knowledge in European and Asian market leadership. He has worked with large conglomerates such as Alibaba and Zeus, in addition to creating and running successful campaigns for multinational clients such as Uber and Snapchat. As the team lead for AXEL’s Business Development Group, Avi brings experience in partnership development, affiliate marketing, mobile app development, sales and branding to the executive team. Avi studied at the Nankai University in Tianjin China and speaks fluent Mandarin. He has also earned a Bachelor’s degree in Global Information Systems from the University of South Florida.
Diane Zhang
Diane ZhangVP, Accounting & Finance
With an excellent undergraduate academic record, Diane was offered a research assistantship to pursue graduate studies at The University of Cincinnati. She graduated with an MA in Economics and then pursued her passion for accounting and finance. A Certified Public Account (CPA) since 2006, Diane has accumulated years of hands-on experience in finance and accounting through working for public and private companies across a variety of different industries.
Dmytro Ashkinazi
Dmytro AshkinaziDirector, European Operations
Veteran entrepreneur and software specialist. Dmytro founded, built, and sold Dneper and iDom, two European tech companies. He’s spent years in IT consulting, helping businesses develop incredible technologies. He brings with him a strong business skill set and vast technical acumen that are born of his experience working in some of the world’s best-known tech giants. Dmytro holds a Master’s degree from Dnipropetrosvk National University in Software Development.
David Deng
David DengExecutive Director, Asian Operations
David has extensive experience in the high-tech industry in China, working at companies such as The Southwest Institute of Physics, Neusoft Group, and Vanceinfo – rising through the ranks with each position. A master at building teams that work cohesively to meet their objective, David also brings with him years of engineering, technical, and operations experience. David has a Bachelor’s degree from Sichuan University in Science and Technology of Electronics.
Yuriy Shchegelsky
Yuriy ShchegelskyProject Management
Yuriy has extensive experience in team building and leadership. As the head of project management, Yuriy leverages his talents to ensure our blockchain, IPFS and database teams are armed with the tools they need to deliver applications and services to our client base.
Vector Pan
Vector PanProject Management
Vector has an extensive background in design and development of Cloud Computing platforms. With a proven record of delivering large scale information systems, Vector is focused on blockchain and IPFS development.
Vitaliy Yermolenko
Vitaliy YermolenkoBlockchain Architect
Vitaliy brings a wealth of senior level development experience in centralized and decentralized networks and services. As a lead member of the blockchain team, Vitaliy applies his ample experience in blockchain network architecture, distributed database, and IPFS Integration.
Jason Chen
Jason ChenBlockchain Architect
Jason is a veteran in software research and development with a strong background in distributed database systems, IoT, and blockchain technologies. Jason is a respected leader and a great mentor to the blockchain team.
Max Xu
Max XuGlobal Marketing Manager
Max manages AXEL’s foreign language social media channels and a growing team of marketing coordinators. He is an expert marketer and content creator on topics such as blockchain and cryptocurrency. While serving as Operations Manager at, one of the largest portals for blockchain media in China, he excelled at developing marketing strategies, analyzing user behavior data, running SEO campaigns, and creating block-buster videos. Under his leadership, the company successfully delivered great marketing content for many well known blockchain projects including Bepal (a famous hardware wallet brand in China) and WinChain (the first blockchain lottery in South Africa). Max has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Electronic Science and Technology in New Energy Materials and Devices.
Alex Zavyalov
Alex ZavyalovServer-Side Development Tech Lead
Alex is the development team lead for server-side development efforts. With experience in blockchain, distributed database, IPFS, and distributed network systems, Alex is at the center of our blockchain and IPFS development efforts.
Daniel Shan
Daniel ShanBlockchain Developer
Daniel is a full stack developer with extensive experience in web, desktop, and mobile application development. As an avid blockchain enthusiast, Daniel is an integral part of our blockchain and IPFS development teams.
Jay Zhou
Jay ZhouBlockchain Developer
Jay brings a strong background in video streaming and storage delivery services. A veteran of the blockchain industry, Jay is leading the development of wallet technologies and integration.
Petro Khodko
Petro KhodkoFront-End Development Tech Lead
Petro is a seasoned front-end developer that has led our efforts for the majority of our web and desktop developments. Petro leads the front-end development team and works closely with our blockchain, IPFS, and distributed database integration teams.
Jane Yuan
Jane YuanFront-End Developer
Jane works with our IPFS and Distributed Database teams and brings a strong background in front-end development with a focus on software analytics and object-oriented programming.
Vladyslav Krasnyy
Vladyslav KrasnyyLead Network Engineer
Vladyslav is our senior network engineer with a deep interest in blockchain-based technologies and services. As the leader of our network team, Vladyslav brings his vast experience and mentoring capabilities to ensure full feature implementation and network performance.
Elton Li
Elton LiBlockchain Developer
Elton brings a deep understanding of system architecture and networking to the team. As part of the blockchain team, Elton ensures optimization of system level blockchain components as they are integrated into our network architecture.
Volodymyr Leskiv
Volodymyr LeskivAndroid Development Tech Lead
Volodymyr has created many mobile applications that have been used by millions of people worldwide. As the leader of the Android Team, Volodymyr guides all developments for our mobile-based platforms and their integration with our evolving database, IPFS, and blockchain deployments.
Simon Zeng
Simon ZengiOS Development Tech Lead
Simon leads the iOS team and brings an expert background in creating social, streaming, television, and radio applications for the mobile operating systems and platforms.
Rupesh Kiran Sudhakaran
Rupesh Kiran SudhakaranQuality Assurance Team Lead
Rupesh is a quality assurance veteran with years of experience in Android, iOS, Web, and Desktop-based applications and services. Rupesh leads all aspects of quality testing and software application integration across all of our blockchain, IPFS, and distributed database services.
Jason Wen
Jason WenFront-End Developer
Jason provides front-end engineering expertise with a focus on improving user experience, enhancing website performance, and bringing consistency and engagement to the overall customer experience.
Valentyn Pidburtnyi
Valentyn PidburtnyiLead Database Engineer
Valentyn is a seasoned database veteran with years of experience in the deployment of both centralized and decentralized database systems. Valentyn contributes a wealth of problem solving skills earned over years of development experience to our distributed database and blockchain teams.
Stanford You
Stanford YouiOS Developer
Stanford is a veteran of iOS software development with a focus on user experience, source data management, formatting, and analytic tools.
Roman Krushanovskyi
Roman KrushanovskyiServer-Side Developer
Roman is a crypto enthusiast focused on both back-end development and blockchain implementation. Roman is instrumental in the implementation of IPFS with our blockchain solution.
Eugene Vandyuk
Eugene VandyukNetwork Engineer
Eugene provides software integration and project management expertise to our expansive blockchain team. As a network engineer, Eugene creates and implements security solutions for our blockchain, IPFS, and distributed database technologies.
Maxim Breev
Maxim BreevServer-Side Developer
Maxim is a senior member of the server-side team. Maxim has worked on some of the major features of our projects. Both AXEL and IPFS.
John Tan
John TanAndroid Developer
John has a deep understanding of mobile application framework and architecture. As a senior Android developer, John is focused on delivering enhanced user experience.
Pavlo Ignatyev
Pavlo IgnatyevServer-Side Developer
Pavlo is a senior developer for the server-side development of our blockchain, distributed database, and IPFS integrations. Leveraging his years of experience in server-based developments, Pavlo serves as a mentor to newer members of our blockchain team.
Pavlo Shvetsov
Pavlo ShvetsovServer-Side Developer
Pavlo brings years of software development expertise in digital content storage, sharing, streaming, and management. Working as part of the blockchain team, Pavlo is focused on ensuring the security of our platform.
Vitaliy Oskalenko
Vitaliy OskalenkoAndroid Developer
Vitaliy has been an Android developer and advocate for the entirety of his career. As a senior member of the Android team, Vitaliy is responsible for integrating our blockchain wallet technology to ensure seamless functionality and ease-of-use for our mobile user base.
Vegan Qian
Vegan QianFront-End Developer
Vegan is a senior front-end developer engaged in the advancement of our blockchain development as well as native and hybrid web and mobile applications.
Petro Hrynyuk
Petro HrynyukAndroid Developer
Petro utilizes his experience as a user interface designer to ensure positive user engagement and mobile application integration. As part of the Android team, Petro connects our user base to our product platforms and services.
Jet Li
Jet LiFront-End Developer
Jet is a seasoned agile development professional with an extensive background in back-end development, distributed database, and embedded system technologies.
Bogdan Piven
Bogdan PivenServer-Side Developer
Bogdan works with our server team to ensure a seamless integration of the IPFS, blockchain, and distributed database functions into our network. Bogdan brings a rich history of server-side software development and decentralized technologies to the team.
Vitaliy Korotynskyy
Vitaliy KorotynskyyFront-End Developer
Vitaliy brings a love of crypto, blockchain, and distributed technologies to the blockchain team. Vitaliy ensures positive feature implementation and seamless platform integration for our front-end services.
Ryan Xu
Ryan XuBlockchain Developer
Ryan is a Python developer with a strong background in distributed systems. Ryan brings years of experience with big data and financial systems development to the blockchain team.

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