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AXEL isn’t just another crypto project.

We’re a 100+ person team spread across three continents with over a decade of successful product launches!

And we’re not stopping any time soon!

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Blockchain, in the simplest terms is a ledger. It keeps a record of all the transactions that occur on the network. Transactions are stored as blocks, or groups of transactions that occur on the chain.

As more transactions occur, more blocks are added to the blockchain. The ledger is immutable, meaning that each transaction recorded cannot be removed or changed.



Masternodes are the backbone of the AXEL.Network. Hosting a complete copy of the entire blockchain, Masternodes track and record all transactions that happen on the network.

AXEL Masternodes utilize a Proof-of-Stake consensus mechanism to insure the integrity and accurate recording of each transaction.



The Interplanetary File System (IPFS) is an open source protocol for transferring, storing and sharing data.

Unlike centralized storage systems, IPFS utilizes a decentralized system of nodes, each holding a portion of the overall data. This enables content creators to host their products and services globally in an instant!

Distributed Databases


Distributed Databases (DDB) are not connected to a single processor or server, but rather distributed within a networking environment.

By creating a database environment in a decentralized and distributed fashion, a more reliable and available database solution is created wherein users are not bound to or by a single server or single point of failure.

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AXEL isn’t just another blockchain start-up. We’re a multinational team with over a decade of successful product releases.

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AXEL has offices across three continents, meet our team of veteran blockchain experts, from Las Vegas, to Kiev, to Beijing.

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